The Lovely Thing They Say

I contacted Megan for help with my third born who was 7.5mo and still breastfeeding 3ish times a night… 

I was utterly exhausted and could feel my mental health starting to decline from the cumulative sleep debt the previous months had accrued. 

Megan helped identify some key things which when tweaked, genuinely created a better sleep routine for my son. We were able to guide and teach him such that he no longer needed feeding overnight – a huge win for our entire family! When I noticed one morning I felt like a cup of tea instead of coffee, I realised my sleep truly was improving and I was so glad to be seeing a glimpse of feeling refreshed again! 

I felt supported and encouraged through the entire process, and was confident that we were in knowledgeable and safe hands the whole way. 

Megan is professional, supportive, understanding, caring, hugely encouraging, and actually, just lovely to work with. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


36yo Mum of 3 boys and a GP

Megan was excellent in helping our family improve our 5 month old son’s sleep.  He had dealt with reflux, was doing short sleeps during the day and up multiple times throughout the night.  Megan was very thorough in gathering information about how our son was falling asleep, what we were doing to get him to sleep and about all his patterns and habits.  She was very realistic in helping us put a plan together that we were comfortable with.  Our son’s sleep improved quickly, to a point where we could put him to sleep in his cot and have him self settle.  Megan checked in regularly to see what was working and how we could continue to help our son learn to sleep by himself for long stretches.  

We would strongly recommend Megan and her sleep program if you are having troubles getting your little one/s to self settle or sleep for longer stretches.  She really helped our family get more sleep.


Registered Nurse and Mum of 3

Megan has been amazing with helping me with my little one. He now goes to sleep all on his own! Megan was very approachable and supportive; nothing was too much trouble.  I am grateful for the knowledge and confidence I now have after working with Megan. Thank you!

Mum of Ricky, 4 months (now 6 months)

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