Sleep Support


Many factors affect the sleep routine of an infant and toddler. This is why, at LIFE after BIRTH, I  go that one step extra. I tailor a sleep package suited to you and your family.

Sleep Soundly Inclusions:

  • Maternal Mental Health Assessment (with referral to support networks should you require)
  • 90 min in-home/zoom consult if out of area – please see Suburbs We Travel To
  • Sleep Soundly plan for you and your baby emailed


If only simple, quick tweaks are required, an email outlining the steps required to move forward will be emailed.

  • 2 weeks email support with a response within 48 hours.


You complete the LIFE after BIRTH Sleep Soundly Diary for 4 days, which is extensively reviewed prior to my consultation with you. This allows me to personally tailor a program perfectly suited to your baby and family.

  • Do I use the cry it out method?
  • Will your baby cry?

I provide honest feedback, constructive criticism and a step-by-step guide that can help you to achieve a sleep routine that you feel comfortable with.

The human body requires sleep for restoration, functioning, development and growth. Exhaustion in adults leads to fuzzy thinking, emotional turbulence, increased anxiety, illness, impaired decision making/judgement, slowed reflexes/responses and much more.

Maternal self-care starts with adequate sleep. Let ME help YOU guide your baby to sleep soundly so you too can rest easy. Because everybody needs to snooze.


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