Phone Consult


Have a question or two? Exhausted by chronic sleep deprivation? Requiring reassurance? Feeling overwhelmed?

My phone consults leave you feeling confident and empowered in understanding:

  • Newborn norms
  • Feeding/Settling/Sleep behaviours
  • Postnatal routine

& Much More!

I’ll ensure you have a guide and clear plan in place moving forward. No question is a silly one and I can almost promise, someone else has asked it before you.

Spend 30 or 60 minutes chatting with myself, Meg Ryan, LIFE after BIRTH Founder, about whatever it is you are questioning. Together, we will ensure you feel nurtured and guided in supporting your child/ren.

Settling A Safe Sleep Space
Feeding Awake Times/Nap Lengths
Bathing Self Settling
Maternal Self Care Removing The Dummy
Setting Up The Nursery Navigating Naps
My Favourite Brands And Why Catnapping
Baby Blues/Maternal Mental Health Sleep Associations



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