New Parents


Our Welcome Home package is designed with YOU in mind. You as a brand new Mother and Father. First, second or third + time around, every baby and experience is different.

What’s included just for YOU!

  • 3 hours
  • In-home or via Zoom if out of area – please see Suburbs We Travel To
  • Postnatal period (0-8 weeks)
  • Maternal mental health assessment
  • Maternal well-being/recovery post birth
  • Nursery assessment (ensuring your nursery is as safe as it can be for your baby as he/she grows)
  • Feeding assessment (if required)
  • Settling
  • Setting baby up for sleep success
  • Bathing
  • Normal newborn behaviour
  • Motherhood hacks/tricks
  • Dressing baby for the temperature
  • Support networks



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