THE welcome home

(0-8 weeks)



You’re here because you’ve recently welcomed home your newest family member and I TRULY couldn’t be happier for you! Becoming a Mother, that moment he/she is placed on your chest, or you first hold their hand, hear their first cry and witness their first breath…

It’s indescribable and a moment I will never forget! 

I’ll also never forget the moment I walked in the door with my newborn. The world stopped. I was filled with excitement but equally, fear, anxiety and a sense of the most weighted responsibility.  

If I, as a Midwife and NICU Nurse felt this way, I can only imagine the enormity you felt bringing home your dependent precious cargo.

The fourth trimester is challenging.
It’s a haze navigating the recovery.
It’s physically and mentally exhausting.
It’s the unknown.
It’s love.
It’s lonely but supported.
It’s beautiful chaos.
It’s unprepared for. 

Becoming a parent, there is no manual, no online course, no university degree. It’s the most demanding and important role you’ll ever fulfil, yet it has no training. Antenatal classes are often heavily focused on labour and birth, and rightly so, but who focuses on the fourth trimester and beyond?


Our Welcome Home package is designed with YOU in mind. You as a brand new Mother and Father. First, second or third + time around, every baby and experience is different.

What’s included just for YOU!

  • 3 hours
  • In-home or via Zoom if out of area – please see Suburbs We Travel To
  • Postnatal period (0-8 weeks)
  • Maternal mental health assessment
  • Maternal well-being/recovery post birth
  • Nursery assessment (ensuring your nursery is as safe as it can be for your baby as he/she grows)
  • Feeding assessment (if required)
  • Settling
  • Setting baby up for sleep success
  • Bathing
  • Normal newborn behaviour
  • Motherhood hacks/tricks
  • Dressing baby for the temperature
  • Support networks


Have a topic or question you don’t see above?

Email or Facebook DM me before our session so I can simply add it in or tailor the class for you.


$5 from The Expectant package is donated to PANDA.

PANDA currently runs Australia’s only National Helpline supporting Mothers experiencing Postnatal Depression and Anxiety.

Thank You for your support

“You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow, they will be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift. Just breathe, notice, study their faces and little feet. Pay attention. Meet perfection. Relish in the charms of the present”

– Unknown