Dear Mama,

My name is Meg Ryan, and I’m the Founder of LIFE after BIRTH Education.

I am a Registered Nurse, Midwife, and Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant but, above all, I am a Mum.

A Mum who has done the hard yards and judged herself for raising her kids the only way she knows how. A Mum who had high expectations of herself, and was completely flawed once parenthood showed up, knocking at the door.

I love herbal tea,
champagne & aeroplanes!
I could live on the beach or in the country side.
The peace & serenity they both
provide is soul restoring.

I founded LIFE after BIRTH on the premise that all parents, and parents-to-be, needed a stronger village to support them. I know I needed it; and often still do.

That’s why I’ve created an accessible resource that gives all parents a home. A home for parents who need an ear to listen, a Mum to ask, or a professional to be guided by.

“No other role will test you
or challenge you quite like Motherhood.
However, no other role
will show you pure
love, joy and pride.”

– Meg Ryan

For me, this is a business that has taken shape over the best parts of the last 10 years. Over this time, I’ve cared for hundreds of babies and families, welcoming newborns into the world… and mothers and fathers into the chaos that is parenthood.

My care and passion have often extended beyond the call of duty; working with, and caring for, countless families as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse. This role was life changing, as I cared not only for the fragile newborns who were born as early as 24 weeks gestation and weighing 450g, but for the mothers who watched their newborn take their last breath. But, even my experience as a Neonatal Nurse couldn’t prepare me for the rollercoaster of motherhood and its sleepless nights, crying newborn, and mental and physical challenges.

These are the moments that have driven me to create an opportunity for parents to navigate their way through this thing called ‘parenthood’ all while being guided by a nurturing professional, who leaves judgements at the door.

I am passionate in ensuring you enter parenthood educated, informed and empowered. I am passionate in creating a movement where maternal mental health is spoken about and postnatal body image is positive.

There’s something about diving in
the ocean…it’s indescribable.
Refreshing, rejuvenating, calming.

Allow me and my beautiful colleagues to educate you, support you, empower you and assist you in developing your confidence as you take on the most rewarding role that is parenthood.

Much Love

Meg x