Are you standing at the door of parenthood thinking ‘I have no idea!’  Feeling overwhelmed?

Wondering what to pack in your hospital bag? Or what temperature the bath should be for your newborn? How often do you bath your newborn?

Is the sound of a newborn’s cry, or the thought of a sleepless night, making your breath heavier, and sighs deeper?

While the world of parenting can be incredibly daunting, we’re here to make sure that the days and the nights no longer merge into one long anxious moment in time.

Welcome to LIFE after BIRTH

A village of nurturing professionals who embrace you the moment you enter the world of parenthood by providing an accessible, practical and honest postnatal support service.

In this village, you are always supported by health professionals, but most importantly by Mums.

LIFE after BIRTH Education is a thoughtful and well-researched postnatal support business. It is founded by Meg Ryan, a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Certified Newborn and Infant Sleep Consultant, and mother-of-two beautiful children, who is determined to bridge the gap by providing an accessible postnatal support service to all parents via phone, in home, or group consultations.

“Everything has changed
but I am more me
than ever before”

– Iain Thomas

LIFE after BIRTH fills a gap that has been identified as a major contributing factor in rising maternal mental health statistics. The gap that provides highly researched, professional, and trusted resources to guide new parents through a time in their life where support makes the days easier, and nights not as long.

LIFE after BIRTH offers parents phone, zoom, 1:1, group consultations and education classes within their own home or at a venue within the community.

We Are Breaking The Stigma

We want to start breaking the stigma around perinatal anxiety and depression. That’s why a percentage of sales from specific LIFE after BIRTH Packages will be donated to PANDA, Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia in aim of supporting new parents experiencing perinatal anxiety and depression. PANDA operates Australia’s only National Helpline to those in need suffering perinatal anxiety and depression.

Partnership With One Fine Baby

Meg is the Expert Midwife and Sleep Consultant to the reputable One Fine Baby, Australia’s favourite boutique baby fair and online store. Providing help and support regarding everything from sleep consultations and education classes to perinatal anxiety and depression support, Meg is here to encourage positive conversations surrounding pregnancy and parenting.

Bringing a baby home is incredibly challenging, life changing and a huge transition. LIFE after BIRTH is passionate about ensuring that no new parent feels overwhelmed, unsure, uneducated or alone. We will break through that new-parent fog together, and turn the haze into a confidence that is built through collaboration, knowledge and love.

Welcome to the Village



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